Infused Pitchers

Flavored Freshness

Why Buy An Infused Pitcher?

One Of The Best Ways To Drink More Water Is To Infuse It With Fruit!  It Adds A Nice Splash Of Flavor While Providing Great Health Benefits Like Increased Metabolism, Promoting Intestinal Health, As Well As Being A High Source Of Vitamins And Antioxidants.

But Why Should You Buy A Pitcher With An Infuser?  Why Not Just Use A Regular Pitcher?  Well Here Is Exactly Why You Need To Think About Investing In An Infused Pitcher!

  1. With No Center Infusing Rod your Infused Contents are bound to sink and clump, thus decreasing the surface area and the dissociation rate.  Less Dissociation = Less Flavor and Less Infused Nutrients.  Another possibility is that you have some contents like blueberries, or herbs, that will float and stick out of the top of the water.  This drastically decreasing the rate of infusion, which also results in less flavor and less nutrients infused.
  2. Difference In Materials – Regular Pitchers and Bottles are notorious for leaching toxins.  You want to avoid any plastics or glass that do not promote a toxin free, BPA free, leaching free, etc.  With a high quality Infused Bottle or Infused Pitcher you will most often want to make sure it is shatter proof, a dishwasher safe design and comes with a ‘Center Infusing Rod’ that has a high pore count (Number Of Holes), and suspended within the container.
  3. One often overlooked but extremely important factor is to find a material that is Stain Proof or Resistant!!!! – Make your Infuser stand the test of time by avoiding the harsh stains of Infusing Fruit.  (Most acrylics and glass do great!)
  4. This Leads Us To The Most Apparent Reason To Invest In A Water Infusing Pitcher, And That Is, That Most High Quality Pitchers Are Very Reasonably Priced In Ranges Similar To Pitchers, Jugs, Or Water Bottles without Infusers.

**You Can Find BPA Free, Shatter Proof Acrylic Fruit Infusing Pitchers Starting At  15 USD!!**
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Fruit Infused Water Is A Gift From Nature!  Let’s Use It Properly!




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