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Infused Pitcher Buyer’s Guide

When Looking At Which Infused Pitcher To Buy, There Are A Few Things You Must Do To Optimize Your Purchase And Avoid Over Spending.

1) Infused pitchers come in many different varieties of materials.  Of course we suggest avoiding any plastics with harmful chemicals or residues, but it is good to know there are alternatives to glass infusers like BPA Free Acrylics and various Plastics.   Although I would say glass infusers were very popular, many companies now a days are leaning toward specially constructed material specifically designed to enhance infusion properties and cooling properties, as well as being BPA Free!
I.e. Shatterproof Acrylic Is Massively Popular Right Now!

2) Secondly when buying an infused pitcher or Jug it is important to recognize the quality and styling of the infuser itself.  Are the pores of the infuser too large for a certain ingredient you intend to use?  Could it hold enough fruit/herbs/vegetables to your desired flavor in a reasonable time? Some “infusers” do not actually have a separate compartment for the infusion and allow the contents to sink to the bottom, this can be a big problem when dealing with quantities larger than a glass or water bottle.  The contents can sink and clump together, decreasing the surface area and exposure to the water you want to infuse.  Thus not getting an even distribution or dissociation of flavors.  We always suggest buying an Infused Pitcher with an Infuser Core.

Now That You Are Educated On What Makes A Quality Infused Pitcher Take A Look At The Infused Guru’s Best Pitchers Of 2017!!

Lemon HAS to be one of the simplest Infused Water recipes.  Try lemon sliced in a glass of water! (OR check out our Lemon-Cucumber-Cilantro Recipe Here!)
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