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Here at we often stray from recipes and customize to our own liking.  That being said, it is quite hard to start infusing without any recipes or knowledge on the product you are infusing.   Whether it be for the purpose of adding flavor, weight loss, cholesterol lowering, detoxifying, etc., there are always beneficial properties added when infusing your H2O.  We STRONGLY suggest keeping a journal or notepad of all the recipes you make, writing down tips and tricks you learn along the way.  This will allow you to gain knowledge on what flavors pair with one another, what volumes and weights to add to obtain desired flavors, optimal mixing techniques and most importantly in our opinion, the beneficial properties of infusing certain fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices!


Fruit Infused Water Provides Health Benefits Like, Intestinal Health, Toxin Purification, Antioxidants, Vitamins And Much More!
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